Stick Together and some more of those boston boys.

Finding out more that I have the work ethic of a sloth. But lets get off this negative tip and go positive..


Nick Poot Memorial

Nick Poot, bassist for Absurd System, passed away recently after a battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a type of cancer. In his memory several benefit shows were arranged and the most recent of which took place saturday at 538 Johnson with Brain Killer, Parasytic, Perdition, and Nomos. It was a great show,  the place exploded especially after a short eulogy by Perdition's frontman. Brain Killer had the entire room moshing and yelling along as well. It was moving to see what punk rock really can do emotionally and the feeling after the show was nothing short of nostalgia. RIP Nick, although I never met you, if the reaction I saw the other night is any sign of your character, than I am sure you were a great man. 

The quiet before the storm.


Return of the funky man!

Been scrubbin the decks. Here's some new-new. I've been trying to create these hazy, atmospheric, dreamlike, photos and here's my initial results. Will be posting some pics of Nick Poot's Memorial show at 538 the other night in the near future. 
Stay up!


Vile Society Crew!

This saturday marked the official release and debut of the Vile Society record label. Slow Death, Baby Pilot, and Living Torch cassettes are now available. vilesociety.blogspot.com should be up soon but in the meantime hit up any of the bands on their myspace's below and they should be able to swing you one for cheap! anyway..I wasn't taking pics but my man Bron hooked me up with these to show you what were all about in the vile society crew!!

Baby Pilot
Honestly an amazing band, sound like Interstate 8 Era modest mouse with a twist.
 Ya gotta check it out!!!

Living Torch
some ambient, otherworldly amazingness

Slow Death
fast. aggresive. hardcore.

Props again to Bron for the pics. Now do some film work fucker!
Look for more Vile Society news in the future. That shit is right!