From Mass to NYC

Got to see a great show last night. Hoax, SQRM, The Prowl, and The Rival Mob at 538. Missed the day show...bummed about that but it was just too much cash to get out to Long Island. I thought the bands played well, not spectacular, but people were still going nuts and there was lots of crazy mosh. There were more people at 538 than I've seen in a while which was pretty sweet. I had to step in for The Mob so there aren't really pics of them but those Massachussets kids needed to get a true feel for how the NY Vile Crew does it. Here ya go...enjoy.
(click to zoom in an get a better looksee)

Hoax and SQRM

The Prowl and The Rival Mob



The Prowl




  1. Hey it looks like youth attack! stole some of these pictures...that faggot Mark Mccoy!


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