Hardcore for Hardcore..

More than just music... I'm into hardcore, FOR hardcore. I don't know who I would be if I hadn't found hardcore when I did. I wouldn't be living the life I do today. It's all a personal reflection, an attitude, a view on society, and everyday life. A connection that you can make with other people who share your same anger, depression, doubts, hopes, plights. As well as your same happiness, awareness, positivity, and motivation for change.  I hope to portray this through my work...Sorry to ramble and I promise not to make a habit of it. But a few of these pictures I feel truly show the community and energy that I have grown so attatched to.

 These are from the Sheer Terror Homecoming Dance. I got some great ones of Sheer Terror but the shitty prints from CVS were over exposed so I'll have to try an make some better ones on my own. I have some awesome video footage that I'll edit and get up soon. For now..enjoy. 

Stage. Dives. Make me feel more alive!


And if you did......thanks for reading my absolute shit. 

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